Oct 182013
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Recently two JUnQ articles were featured in other media:

The Open Question Is Calcite (10̅14) a Chiral Surface? by P. Rahe, S. Kuhn, Angelika Kühnle was featured in Helmholtz Perspektiven, „Das Geheimnis des Kalks“, Nr. 02, Sept-Oct 2013, Page 27 (article in German).

The article Smectic LC-elastomers with NO shape change at the phase transition by P. Beyer and R. Zentel was highlighted on Wiley-VCH’s MaterialsViews.com („Unexpected: LC-elastomers with no shape change at the phase transition“).

JUnQ was also mentioned (although unfortunately as Journal of Questions) in Nature Nanotechnology, „It’s all about data“, 8, 691 (2013) doi:10.1038/nnano.2013.216.

In this issue of Nature Nanotechnology, one of JUnQ’s co-founders, Leonie Mück asks all scientists to Report the awful truth! in her wonderful commentary on the need for publication of null and negative results.

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