Apr 012015

W. Bishop,a B. S. Johnson,b and W. Seuntjensc

aUniversity of Berlin, Berlin

bSt. Luke’s College, Cambridge

cDutch Academy of ‘Pataphysics, Amsterdam

Received 20.03.2015,1 accepted 31.03.2015, published 01.04.2015

JUnQ, 5, 2, Article – Rapid Communication, 08-15, 2015

Using the technique of gene silencing, it was possible to turn three-leaved clover into four-leaved clover. Exposure to genetically modified four-leaved clover over a period of one week increased aggregate happiness in human subjects by approximately 200 percent. This technological adaptation of an age-old idea opens up the possibility of piecemeal social engineering and grand-scale political engineering. Ultimately it might lead to global peace.

1International Day of Happiness; vernal equinox (Le printemps est arriv?. L’amour et la joie sont revenus chez toi.)

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  10 Responses to “Significant Increase of Happiness Caused by Exposure to Genetically Modified Four-Leafed White Clover (Quadrifolium repens fortuna deferens)”

  1. The symbolism of the shamrock, as promoted by Saint Patrick, could be extended as the fourth leaf could be seen, admittedly somewhat forward, as symbolizing the Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven. Small wonder then that it brings luck, so it does!
    Sister Laetitiae Beckett (Trinity College Dublin)

  2. Supposing there was no fraud involved, the somewhat higher than expected result of three-leaved clover may be due to natural occurring four-leaved mutants.

  3. Oh… blackthorn does not cause a significant reduction in happiness. I’m so glad! It must be perfectly lovely to be not so unlucky as traditionally thought.

  4. Congratulation!
    What a joyful cooperation
    on the April 1st occasion
    Here?s a proposal for a song
    to sing along
    “Silence is Golden, Golden
    and also four-leaved clover”
    and in the wink of an eye rhyme
    it goes well with “lover”
    prefered by some beings over “over”
    so, dear Trinity-crew
    please help gene-silencing, too
    the door-keepers who mute
    “I receive your love” and “I love you”
    it seems both chronic and acute
    inspired by ever-iconic clover
    this could lead to exponential success
    in global peace and happiness
    a contagious speacies
    for trillions of cells and galaxies
    repeatable over and over
    the best of the last forms the base for the next
    shared with all so all can be relaxed
    in happy focus of mind and heart
    and lab to lap
    bridging the gap-trap
    beaming from ear to ear
    engaged into dear-gear
    let me know what you think

  5. Where there is pleasure in nonsense, there is found happiness.
    Fritz N., Schulpforta, Germany

  6. Hmm, this might help me perfecting some of my research! Very interesting read.

  7. Wow, thats incredible. Now i think I understand! I never thought plants could have such an impact on life, and as how we perceive it! Love the article!!

  8. I look forward to the authors extending their empirical analyses to fungus, mold and algae, particularly those in the vicinity of household sinks and toilets. Should they be cultivated or destroyed, and what will be the consequences of such action on happiness and world peace? With mop in hand, I await your guidance.

  9. It gives us great satisfaction that our modest proposal to increase global happiness has met with such widespread interest and warm approval.
    W. Bishop, B. S. Johnson, and W. Seuntjens

  10. ‘I am glad that you have finally found a way to eliminate war.’