Jul 162015
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“Kurzgesagt” is an educational YouTube channel of a Munich based design studio founded by two German graphic design students which features short movies about different scientific topics. “Kurzgesagt” is a good example for various informative YouTube channels created by professionals and non-professionals during the last years. These channels de- pict a new possibility of communicating science to the general public in a popular scientific way by using the internet as medium. They attract a great deal of interest as the featured videos are watched by millions of people. The popularity certainly comes from the fact that the short movie format allows to break complex topics down into easily understandable and entertaining narrations which can be complemented by illustrations. “Kurzgesagt”, for example, uses entirely animated videos which illustrate explanations about a certain topic spoken by a narrator. We had the opportunity to interview the team of “Kurzgesagt” about their project.

Read the Interview: [download id=”103″]

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