Nov 022015
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Vortragsankundigung Klaus Roth_V2

The next event of the JUnQ Lecture Series has been scheduled in collaboration with MAINZ Graduate School and “Chemie in unserer Zeit” by Wiley-VCH. We are happy to announce a talk of Prof. Dr. Klaus Roth from FU Berlin. He will visit us on Thursday, 21 January 2016 at 5 pm and give his talk in lecture hall C03 (Chemistry Lecture Building, Duesbergweg 10—14, 55128 Mainz). His presentation in German will be about:

How to win a Nobel prize?

Were you unsuccessful in winning the Nobel prize again the last time? Of course you are right that this is an enormous disregard of your achievements! But what’s there to do? The means of selection of the laureates are unclear – and the committee members in Stockholm do what they want anyway. But do not become desperate, there is an alternative. Another award granted by Harvard University is just as glamorous. If you are certain to be designated for this prize and ask yourself what this award from Harvard is about, please join our presentation to get the most promising tips and tricks.

We would be happy to welcome you on that evening. Afterwards you will have the opportunity to talk to Prof. Roth while enjoying some snacks and beverages. For further information, please contact

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