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Science is not always about success. Most research projects are unsuccessful stories producing ambiguous or ‘null’-results that don’t lead to unambiguous conclusion. Nevertheless this ‘failed’ research provides useful and valuable information for fellow scientists. Currently only research projects with positive results and clear conclusions have the chance to get published in scientific journals. Due to these publication practices a lot information is lost for the scientific community and additionally scientists find themselves in the dilemma of having to overinterpret data.

We have set out to change this. With the Journal of Unsolved Questions (JUnQ) we provide a means to gather ‘null’-result research and open problems. JUnQ is a platform to communicate projects, which just didn’t work, ambiguous data without exaggeration and unfinished investigations, which raise more questions than they answer.

Call for Contributions:

Send in your article or open question. Find more information here. We also have a section where we will print letters to the editors and opinions, so feel free to tell us what you think.

How to contribute

Help us to spread the idea of honest science by contributing to our journal. You can submit Articles and Essays to our new section “Views on Life, the Universe, and Everything”. See “For Authors” for more details! Or comment on our articles, open questions, Views on Life, the Universe, and Everything, or Questions of the Week.