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For Authors

How to contribute

The due dates for our issues are January 1st and July 1st. To publish in a certain issue, allowing review process and potential revision, please submit your articles until May 1st (for July issue) or November 1st (for January issue). In case of open questions the deadlines are June 1st and December 1st, respectively.


If you have adressed a research problem but could not finish with a positive result or a non-ambiguous conclusion, send us your work in form of a communication. We accept projects that have been scientifically well conducted and well written – regardless of results and conclusions. Your contribution will be subject to a peer review process.

An Article should have a length of 4 pages and 8 pages at most in the given template.

Views on Life, the Universe, and Everything

To gain focus is one of the main dogmas in science, yet interdiscplinarity is always strongly encouraged. In order to not lose the view towards the broad horizon, taking a step back to discuss a problem is mostly very worthwhile.

The essay format “Views on Life, the Universe, and Everything” aims at publishing interesting thoughts or opinions on a (controversial) subject. On two to four pages you have the chance to freely discuss and debate your opinion with the scientific community. Your contribution will be reviewed by the Editorial Board.

An essay should have a length of 2 pages and 4 pages at most in the given template.


  1. Download the template (currently only .tex, and .doc, see below)
  2. If you want to use the .tex template, unzip the contents (.tex file and logo) to one folder.
  3. Write your open question or article.
  4. Send it to We will need both, a .pdf and a .tex-file/.doc-file, since we still need to insert the page numbers /citation details.
  5. Name up to 4 keywords associated with your article or open question.
  6. If you want to submit an article or essay, we will send your article to two referees. You may be asked to make some changes. If so, send us the corrected version and your article will be published.



Articles should roughly be 4 pages of length, with a maximum of 8 pages!

Open Question

Essays should roughly be 2 pages of length, with a maximum of 5 pages!