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Apr 132017
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Dear Readers,

We have reached our baker’s dozen. It is a delight to bring to you the 13th issue of JUnQ – the baking was a tad too long. We take an in-depth look into Science and Art – the central theme of this issue. More so, on how one complements the other, even though from afar they may look like nothing alike. We have had engrossing discussions with Artists, who mix their craft with scientific foundations, and Scientists, who dabble in the creative outlets that Arts provides. Did you know that dancing could win us the battle against dementia or that dead inanimate objects can be breathed new life into through science….all this and more you can find between the covers. And we (the editorial team at JUnQ) have also harnessed our creativity in coming out with the JUnQ Photo Contest, where you can showcase your talent to identify the aesthetic appeal of science. Even though an issue like this doesn’t have the negative or null result-oriented articles we so wish to highlight, still it serves as an important vehicle to appreciate the other mediums of seeking knowledge, than the analytical. To whet your appetite, we have titivating essays about the wonderful history of Art and Science and not to forget, for the ever curious, Questions of the Week pages.

We understand and appreciate your patience. We hope you feel excited about our newest issue of JUnQ!

— Soham Roy on behalf of the editorial board

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Jul 252016
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Dear Readers,

We are delighted to bring to you the 12th issue of JUnQ. This time round, the central theme deals with Statistics in Science and what it entails and how can it be misused. We held insightful interviews with few of the best experts in Statistics and we present their views about the current era where mis-interpretations of data abound. It is heartening to see that the publication of negative or null results still is important for many in science. We have an article on Pretreatment of Steel and Zinc surfaces that highlights such details. Also in the days ahead, open access will be the norm and we present an excellent commentary on it.

We hope you feel excited about our newest issue of JUnQ!

— Soham Roy on behalf of the editorial board

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Jan 122016
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junq6.1_coverDear Readers,

we are pleased to announce the 11th issue of JUnQ. As topic of our newest issue, we chose to line up fundamental research and applied research. Among others, we have talked to the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and the Leibniz Association in order to get a greater insight into the two different forms of research and Dr. Andreas Mueller asks: Do we need fundamental research? In addition, we highlight last year’s international year of light 2015, where we learn about the history of light and how our fundamental life-giver has become very important for neurology.

We hope you enjoy the newest issue of JUnQ!

— Kristina Klinker on behalf of the editorial board

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Jan 122015
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We are very pleased to announce the publication of the latest issue of JUnQ. With a fresh start into our fifth year, we address the topic of “Family & Career in Science”. To tackle this topic, we talked with Stefanie Schmidberger from the Family Service Center at the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz about the childcare situation for parents working and studying in Mainz. Furthermore, we have an interview with Prof. Till Opatz (Mainz University), who balances his academic career, a long distance marriage and paternity.

In our commentary section “Views on Life, the Universe, and Everything”, Natascha Gaster, Jorge S. Burns and Michael Gaster talk about single author papers becoming scarce in scientific publications.

We hope you enjoy reading our latest issue!

&mdash: Robert Lindner on behalf of the Editorial Board

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Jan 062014
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We are happy to announce the publication of the latest issue of JUnQ. Reaching our fourth year with the seventh issue we thought it was time to reflect on “Quality of Science”. In the current issue we deal with various ways of quality assurance in science and the humanities. We present two interviews, one with Dr. Jörg Meidenbauer, CEO of Peter Lang GmbH, and the other with Dr. Uwe Schmidt from the Center of Quality Assurance of the University of Mainz. Furthermore, we have two essays about our journalistic topic. Prof. Jörg Meibauer presents the humanities’ perspective on the qualities a doctoral candidate has to possess. The other essay was written by editorial board members Andreas Neidlinger and Felix Spenkuch about open access and public peer review.

In addition you can find scientific contributions on smectic liquid crystals from Patrick Beyer and Rudolf Zentel as well as a view on measuring scientific performance with the h-index by Michael Schreiber. Furthermore, we announce a new category of contributions in the latest issue. It is called “Views on Live, the Universe, and Everything”. It addresses authors wishing to discuss topics of interest and their views on them. The first essay is from Wolter Seuntjens and deals with the studying of mankind.

We wish you a good time with JUnQ. Please let us know what you think in the comments.

— Andreas Neidlinger on behalf of the Editorial Board

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Aug 072012
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We are proud to present the fourth issue of the Journal of Unsolved Questions. The title of this issue is “Science under Pressure”, in our preface we discuss how evaluation and competition affect science and scientists. Furthermore, we are very honored to have Prof. Konradin Metze as a guest writer with his essay “Impact of Science – critical reflections on its evaluation”.  Highlights among the articles are a contribution from Munich in the field of linguistics about the Whorf hypothesis, and a contribution from Oxford in immunology about lung surfactant proteins.

Have an enjoyable read! We are looking forward to your comments!

Leonie Mueck on behalf of the Editorial Board

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Jan 062012
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We are proud to present the first issue of the second volume of the Journal of Unsolved Questions. You may download it here.

We are looking forward to your comments and to your contributions to the next issue. The deadlines for submittings articles to be published in next issue is June 1st, 2012, for open questions it is June 15th, 2012.

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Jan 182011
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Dear Reader,

we are proud to present the very first issue of the Journal of Unsolved Question. It contains 2 articles and 4 open questions as well as our mission statement, an editorial note and selected questions of the week. A printed version of the first JUnQ issue will soon be available, which you will be able to acquire in exchange with a small donation to the Journal of Unsolved Questions.

Have an enjoyable read!

The JUnQ Editorial Board

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