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The 20th issue of JUnQ is now online!

“The most dangerous physicians are those who can act in perfect mimicry of the born physician.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

Dear Reader,
We are closing in on the second year of a worldwide pandemic and I still very much hope that all of you are sound and safe. This year we were struggling as well with a lot of service issues, but with the aid of good friends, we are back on track, albeit with some delay again. I’m personally sorry, but I am looking ahead into a new year with new projects in progress that will help us take JUnQ to a new level. This is about time since, with this issue, we have finished up our first decade of JUnQ! Very much has happened since then and we will feature some voices of the past and more in our first issue in 2022. One new thing that will be already featured in this issue is the “What The Fact!?” section. The Questions of the Month QotM are no more. Instead, we will feature similar articles under the name of “What The Fact!?”. We will put more effort into creating a steady flow of entertaining but informative short articles about interesting topics that will be featured online first. A selection of the topics will then be featured in our next issue.
But before we are too concerned with the past or the bright future ahead of us, let’s focus on the current issue and its topic. This time we will dive deep into the subject of mimicry. The first things that might jump into your mind are chameleons (of course, it’s also on the cover) and other animals which are using colours to deceive enemies or prey alike by mimicking their surroundings. But mimicry is so much more: what if I tell you that you have done a good bunch of mimicking since you got up today by the time you are reading this issue? Even if we look much closer at the building blocks of ourselves we will find that mimicry is also very much present in the world of cells and molecules!
— Kevin Machel

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