A Tale of Art and Science

Soham Roy

JUnQ, 7, 1, X–XIII, 2017

Science fair demonstrations are something that I always look forward to. I was there this other day at one such fair for gifted youngsters. I was demonstrating an experiment on densities. The experiment was quite a familiar one. The one where liquids with different densities do not mix. And where liquids with a lower value of density stay on top of liquids with larger densities, as distinct layers. To make it more vivid and interesting for the kids, I added a different color to each layer. A young boy came up to me after the demonstration and said…“It would be so boring if we did not invent colors to begin with”. His observation struck me and got me thinking. With our academic training in Science, we take a lot of stuff for granted. We rarely stop to wonder at the beauty and artistry inherent in the everyday experiments that we do and in the things that are around us.

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