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Oct 232017
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The 17th issue of JUnQ is now online!

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Dear reader,

Not a single day passes that we are not confronted with problems arising from digitalization in every thinkable field: When will we travel with fully autonomous transportation? Is a digital war conceivable? Will artificial intelligence one day place itself above humankind and defeat us? Or can it treat patients way better than human physicians? Should schools use modern media to teach? How can a software beat record holders in the most advanced strategy games? Why is the internet connection so labile? Who is collecting my data and for what purpose? Did the gamers among us ever wonder how the background music of the latest games seamlessly adjusts to fit the gameplay? Have you ever heard of digital citizenship?

It is evident: everybody is worried about possible hazards of digitalization, yet everybody seems to become absolutely dependent on digital tools, be it in their social or professional lives. Self-learning systems are evoking both distrust and optimism for the future. Dr. Anton Bogomolov comments on concerns about AI and self-learning software in his interview on page interview_AI. Malicious use of AI and counter actions are summarized in Haydn Belfield’s essay on page Malicious_use. Take a look at future possibilities and responsibilities and read Alex T. Steffen’s interview on page interview_Steffen. Not everything coming out of a digital mind is a source of danger. Mariia Filianina’s short overview about creative digital minds illustrates that AI can also be entertaining or perhaps revolutionize our way of thinking outside the box on page AI_Creativity.

With this issue we hope to still some fears one might have in our digital age. After all, it is what we make of it and it might just be the next step of evolution. And as always: stay curious and dig through the JUnQ to find the hidden treasures!

—Tatjana Daenzer