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Editorial Note (Volume 10, Issue 1)

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Oct 232017

The 18th issue of JUnQ is now online!

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Dear reader,

Symmetry is a striking concept that is encountered everywhere in nature, science and art. It is said to be perfect, harmonic and tidy. Throughout history, architects and artists have put great stress on symmetric features of their work. Symmetric faces are said to be most beautiful. Is it true or a mere misconception? Read more in our article “Attractive Symmetry” on page symmetry_start. The way we perceive symmetric objects or images apparently tells us something about our state of mind. Hermann Rorschach believed that inkblots expose psychological conditions and paved the way to a controversially discussed method in psychoanalysis: Klecksography. Read more on page Rorschach. Symmetry even affects our health and physical state, from macroscopic sensations to biochemical reactions on the nanoscale. Learn more about the role of “Symmetry in Chemistry” on page symmetry_chem.

In November ’19, we were honored by Klaus Roth who, once more, held a talk in Mainz with the title “Die Chemie des Katers” (loosely translated: “The Chemistry of the Hangover”). In an “ask-me-anything” interview on page Interview_KR we get to know him a little better.

We had to postpone the publication of this issue a little due to the CoVID-19 outbreak. We hope to soothe your life a little with our humble contribution. Stay healthy and dig through the JUnQ to find the hidden treasures!

—Tatjana Daenzer