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Oct 232017
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The 16th issue of JUnQ is now online!

You can download it here

In our second last issue we had a glimpse at the ethical boundaries in science. Dr Corina Gericke shared her opin-ion on animal testing along with the philosophy of the Ger-man association Ärzte gegen Tierversuche e.V. (Doctors Against Animal Experiments Germany). To every voice, howerver, there is a counter voice. Therefore, we logically should shed a light on the arguments that support animal testing. Can there be any such arguments after all? Read more on page 1 where Dr Roman M. Stilling discusses some facts about animal testing.

Ever since DNA was discovered, the science fiction world is crowded with genetically modified or refined creatures. Not only fictious but also real scientist design DNA to im-prove crop production or drugs. The CRISPR/Cas9 method can be used to artificially alter the genome sequence and is surely the most exciting and promising way to feed and medically support billions of humans. Shady scientists con-sider the enhancement of the human body itself. Read more about this controversy in Alexander Kronenberg’s essay on page 4.

Our readers might notice that we have redefined the sec-tion “Questions of the Week” to “Questions of the Month”. With this we hope to be able to provide our curious readers regularly with even more thoroughly elaborated curious and inexplicable scientific questions.

With our two issues on ethics in science the editorial board of JUnQ hopes to offer the readers a possibility to form a differentiated opinion on sometimes controversial sci-entific topics. We cordially invite everyone to share their thoughts and Questions on any scientific topic in a reader’s letter which will be published and (hopefully) answered in the following issues. And as always: stay curious and dig through the JUnQ to find the hidden treasures!

—Tatjana Daenzer