Oct 232017
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Following the current trend of making sure that all goods are organic, fair trade and biodegradable our second issue this year is all green.
Blogger Samantha Jakuboski is dedicated to spread the word about climate change since an early age. Read what she has to say in her interview. We can still learn a lot!
For those who don’t have a garden or at least a small balcony to grow crops on, there is hope: urban gardening. See what can be done in your streets in our short essay about Cueillette Urbaine.
Unfortunately, another interview with Tim Jan?en about “Cradle to Cradle” cannot be published yet. We must wait until our next issue in January 2018. Be excited to learn how we can preserve our nature by using renewable energy and recycling food and waste.
And last but not least:
Congratulations to Esther Vogel, the winner of our photo contest in August!

Since there were no submissions for articles, unfortunately this section must be left empty.
Again, here comes the call to our readers: please help to raise the attention on JUnQ. Tell your friends and colleagues about the Journal of Unsolved Questions. There is no shame in null or negative results. Share your experiences with the world and help your colleagues to learn.
With this in mind keep digging through the JUnQ to find the hidden treasures in green sciences and green lives!

— Tatjana Daenzer

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