Editorial Note (Volume 10, Issue 1)

Editorial Note

“The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not “Eureka!” but
“That’s funny. . . ”
Isaac Asimov
Dear Reader, Sometimes we struggle to find the answers we are looking for. In the end, we do not find them but discover something else. It might seem like a background noise in the data at first but while taking a closer look it turns out to be a real thing. That is how some discoveries are made. A forgotten sample on a window sill, a result that defies the calculated estimations, an identification of a critical condition during a routine medical examination. These are all examples of serendipity-driven discoveries. In the history of humanity, serendipity is a vital phenomenon that helped us evolve and still finds its way into the modern scientific culture. In this issue, we will take a closer look at serendipity, how it has helped to make important discoveries and the role it has played in your endeavors. Moreover, we will discuss the serendipitous outcome of stargazing with Dr. Patrick Kelly and see what other role one’s guts can play in the kitchen in an interview with chef Chudnenko. The main message of this issue is to stay alert and mind the details. Who knows what you might find? — Kevin Machel