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Volume 4, Issue 2, July 2014

We are happy to announce the publication of the latest issue of JUnQ. Concluding our fourth year with the eighth issue we wished to deal with “Hard Times for Science”. Experiencing some hard times in preparation of this issue, we can finally present several essays on various difficulties which scientists can be confronted with. We have an essay of Ludwig Kammesheidt (Project Agency International Bureau at DLR e. V.) dealing with the research funding in developing countries in Asia and Oceania. We also tried to shed some light about our own history. Firstly in a text of Eike Harden (Hamburg University) about scientific research during the Thirty Years’ War and secondly (and more closely to the present) in a text by editorial board member Andreas Neidlinger about the work of the German Physical Society during the Second World War.

In addition you can find scientific contributions on the new ICMJE criterion from Natascha Gaster, Jorge S. Burns, and Michael Gaster as well as a possibly undetected difference in iconography concerning Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene by Wolter Seuntjens. In our commentary section “Views on Life, the Universe, and Everything”, we can present the work of Rainer Stark about the Quality of Quality Systems; a follow-up from the January issue dealing with quality management.

We wish you a good time with JUnQ. Please let us know what you think in the comments.

— Andreas Neidlinger on behalf of the Editorial Board

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