Dec 032011

Christof Troeltzsch, Bliesenrader Weg 5, Born/Darss, Germany

Journal of Unsolved Questions, 2, 1, Open Questions, 3, 2011 (Received November 3rd 2011, accepted November 25th 2011, published December 3rd 2012)

While working on the doctoral thesis about chelates of zirconium and hafnium – cf. [1] for preparation of the ligands and [2] for preparation of the chelates – we made an observation which could not be explained and therefore was only described in the doctoral thesis of Christof Troeltzsch, Leipzig, 1960, in the following way: ….

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  One Response to “Which Intermediate Product Causes the Blue Colouring in a Grignard Reaction Involving Zirconium Chelates?”

  1. Dear everybody,

    Prof. em. Dr. Christof Troeltz asks you to contact him via (real) mail in case you find out why this coloring occurs. He does not use internet, therefore he will not notice otherwise. Naturally, he would be very happy if somebody takes on the challenge of investigating the phenomena.

    — i. A. Leonie Mueck