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Editorial Note Vol. 4, Issue 2

Dear Reader,

you are holding in your hands the newest edition of JUnQ (or more likely you are looking at it on your screen). In this issue we wanted to focus on science under difficult conditions and encountered some difficulties ourselves on the way.

Let’s face it, although scientists from Europe and the US like to complain about cuts in funding, our situation could be far worse. In this issue of JUnQ we wanted to explore how science is impacted by difficult conditions like war and poverty. Ludwig Kammesheidt provides us with an insight into cooperations with developing countries from Asia and Oceania launched by the BMBF (German Ministry of Education and Research) on page XX. In his essay on page XXII, Eike Harden takes a look into the life of some famous scientists during the Thirty Years’ War and on page XXVI we are exploring the role of the German Physical Society during World War II.

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