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Editorial Note (Volume 5, Issue 1, january 2015)

Dear Reader,

In this first issue of the 5th volume of JUnQ, we chose Family & Career in Science as a topic because we wondered, if it is possible to undertake a successful career in science on the one hand while having a family on the other. Especially as a young researcher who still needs to make a name for himself in science, there is a lot of pressure from the academic society and one would think (at least I do) that these young researchers do not have any time to have a family. But in fact, this is not what reality looks like. Most professors I know or that I have visited lectures from during my studies — male or female — all have a family and children. One of the supervisors of my doctoral thesis is a young researcher himself who has a wife and a little son and his wife is also working a very ambitious job with a tight schedule. So the question is not really if but how this is feasible in particular as a woman but also as a man.

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