Jan 202016
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Susanne M. Hoffmann

JUnQ, 6, 1, X–XII, 2016

Thinking about light, we immediately realize three directions of human’s dealing with it: first, the observation of light, second, the myth of and praying to light and third, the usage and rationalization of light in physics and technology. All three directions of our modern world have roots in very old history and accompany mankind from their early beginnings and in every culture. The emotional connection humans feel with celestial games of light and darkness as well as warmth and coolness during seasons and lunar phases caused early and perpetuating observations and consequently, the knowledge of calendar signs. Since calendars have always been used for religious purpose to date public holiday and so on, making calendars and observing the celestial rhythms have been a special duty of priests and the gods have been located in or above the sky. To summarize, we can conclude that light influences all directions of our life. The question of this article is how long back in history we can pursue the traces of human relations to light.

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