May 022011
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Question of the Week, 2.5.2011

Discussing climate change, the earth’s alteration in temperature is usually taken as the most important measure. But climate can be characterized by a lot more criteria. Scientists from Melbourne, Australia recently published a study that trailed the last 23 year’s climate change by wave heights and wind speeds. Evaluating data that had been collected by satellite altimeter measurements, I. R. Young and his colleagues found a slight increase in wave height and wind speed over this period.

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I. R. Young, S. Zieger, A. V. Babnin, “Global Trends in Wind Speed and Wave Height”, Science Vol. 332, p. 451

Leonie Mueck

  2 Responses to “Are wave heights a good measure for climate change?”

  1. Finding a slight increase in wave height over 23 years is easy, its a high school level science project. Merely assuming CO2 is the cause is high school level science too. Proving C02 is the cause is alot harder, but for most alarmist faithful the assumption is all that is needed to maintain their faith.


  2. In my opinion, 23 years is a pretty shot period of time if you are talking about climate change. Could be coincidence. In their article, they concede:

    “The present analysis is aimed at determining whether there
    is a linear trend over the period of the observations (approx.
    23 years). It does not necessarily follow that the observed
    trends are a result of, for instance, global warming. Indeed,
    interannual to decadal variations of the high latitude wind
    belts have been observed”

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