Jan 122016

junq6.1_coverDear Readers,

we are pleased to announce the 11th issue of JUnQ. As topic of our newest issue, we chose to line up fundamental research and applied research. Among others, we have talked to the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and the Leibniz Association in order to get a greater insight into the two different forms of research and Dr. Andreas Mueller asks: Do we need fundamental research? In addition, we highlight last year’s international year of light 2015, where we learn about the history of light and how our fundamental life-giver has become very important for neurology.

We hope you enjoy the newest issue of JUnQ!

— Kristina Klinker on behalf of the editorial board

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  1. […] Our society is increasingly dominated by technology. And in many cases the corresponding improvements are the result of fundamental research. More precisely, they are not the outcome of an investigation that aimed to find a solution for exactly one technological problem in the first place. Referring to the relevance of fundamental research, Andreas M?ller from the Technische Universit?t M?nchen and part of the Excellence Cluster Universe asks “Do we need fundamental research?” in the newest issue of the Journal of Unsolved Questions (JUnQ). […]